Diwali Marunthu / Legiyam / Postpartum Medicine

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An ancient, traditional, herbal, time tested home medicine that is good for all and very special for postpartum womens. Usually prepared during Diwali as we eat a lot of variety sweets and snacks.

(தீபாவளி மருந்து / லேகியம் / பிரசவித்தவர்கள் மருந்து)

Diwali Legiyam / Diwali Marunthu

  • Ginger – 200 gm
  • Cumin seeds– 150 g
  • Pepper – 100
  • Sitharathai (Alpinia calcarata)– 100g
  • Dry ginger (Sukku) – 100g
  • Ajwain Seeds (Omam) – 100g
  • Kanda Thippili (Long pepper) – 50g
  • Arisi Thippili (Piper) (ground) – 1 spoon
  • Elachi – 10g
  • Cinnamon sticks – 5 small sticks
  • Cloves – 10g
  • Vasambu (Accorus calamus) – 3 pieces
  • Kasa kasa (Poppy Seeds)– 25g
  • Fennel seeds – 25g
  • Ghee – 1/2 the size of above products ground and as needed
  • Honey – same as ghee and as needed
  • Jaggery – same size equal to above products ground
  • Gingely oil (Sesame) – 5 tbsp

Diwali Marunthu / Legiyam Ingredients
The ingredients photo above does not represent the actual measurement (refer to the Ingredients section)

Making the Base Powder:

  • Cut the Vasambu, Sitharathai, Arisi Thippili, Kanda Thippili, Dry Ginger in small pieces. Except Ginger, Ghee, Honey, Jaggery and Gingely Oil , sun dry all the other ingredients plus the the above cut items  individually for a day.
  • Take a kadai and dry roast the above sun dried item until golder color. Roast each of them individually.
  • Now, mix all the roasted ingredients and make them into fine powder form using a mixie. This forms the base of the Recipe. You can keep them for upto 1 year in an air tight container and use them as needed with the below process.
  • Note: The base powder can also be obtained in shops (ask for Diwali Marunthu powder).

Diwali Marunthu / Legiyam Powder
Making the Medicine:

  • Peel the skin from the Ginger and clean it well with water. Using your comfortable method extract the juice from the ginger and remove them of any impurities using a filter.
  • Add the ginger juice (atleast 1 tumbler) to a kadai and heat it for a minute.
  • Add Jaggery to it (add it in powder form). And keep mixing it and make sure not to become solid. Heat it for approx. 2-3 min until the Jaggery is melted while continuing to mix it. Make sure not to add water.
  • Once the Jaggery is melted the above mix might contain mud particles.  Take a while cotton cloth and pour the above mix, squeeze and filter it from the impurities.

Diwali Marunthu / Legiyam Preparation

  • Clean the kadai, take the filtered mix and heat again in the kadai. When the mix starts to boil (in about 2 min), add the prepared powder slowly while constantly mixing it. Keep in mind not to over boil the jiggery mix as it will form clot and become like a stone.

Diwali Marunthu / Legiyam Preparation

  • Once the mix starts to become like a paste, reduce the heat to low flame and add the ghee and gingely oil.
  • Keep mixing it.When you touch the paste and it doesn’t stick to your finger, its time to take the kadai out of the flame and keep it aside.
  • Now add the honey as required and mix it well and let it cool down.

Diwali Marunthu / Legiyam Preparation

  • After the mix has been colled down, transfer it to a bottle jar or stainless steel container.
  • Enjoy the medicine as required by eating it in small balls (grape sized) in the morning hours with empty stomach. Do not each too much as it will cause heavy bowel movement.
  • This is an excellent ancient herbal medicine for everyone and especially for post pregnancy women.

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