Gulab Jamun

Sometime unplanned recipes come out very well surprisingly. For me, Gulab Jamun falls in that category. This was a last minute addition to my Diwali sweet mix and it came out very good. So, decided to post it right away. Happy Deepavali to everyone!.

Gulab Jamun


  • MTR Gulab Jamun Powder-500g (4 Cups)
  • Sugar – 10 cups (2 Kgs)
  • Water – 10 Cups (for Jeera)
  • Oil – as needed for Deep Frying
  • Ghee – 3 tbsp
Serves – 50 pieces

Preparation Time – 1 hr


  • Take 500g (4 Cups) of MTR Gulab jamun powder and 1 Cup of Water. Use the water little by little and mix the powder and knead it gently. When all done, you shouldn’t feel the stickiness. Keep the knead dough aside for 10 min.
Making of Gulab Jamun
  • Take a big vessel and pour 10 cups of water and 10 cups of Sugar (equal proportion) and mix it well. Heat it for about 10-15 min to make the Jeera (Sugar Syrup). Switch off the heat once you start to feel the stickiness. Don’t overheat it.
Making of Gulab Jamun
  • Take the knead dough and make milk balls. Size it according to your preference.
Making of Gulab Jamun
  • Take a Kadai and heat it with required oil to deep fry the milk balls. Take the balls and deep fry them in the heated oil in medium heat until it turns golden brown. Once done, keep it aside for few minutes to let it cool. Make sure that the core is cooked by take a sample ball and splitting it. It should be soft.
  • Now soak the deep fried milk balls in the super syrup.
Making of Gulab Jamun
  • Once the Jeera is absorbed, awesome sweet Gulab Jamun is ready!.
Making of Gulab Jamun

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