Homemade Yogurt (Curd)

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We sometimes tend to overlook some of the easiest and simplest things in life. One such thing is Yogurt. It’s very easy to make and being a must have part of the Indian diet, it should be made at home rather than paying a fortune (overtime) at the Grocery store. I wanted to share the making of Yogurt and help you in saving some bucks. Who doesn’t like Yogurt?. It has so much good going for it (Protien, Enhances Immunity, better digestive system, etc.).

Homemade Yogurt


  • Milk – 4 to 5 cups (1 litre)
  • Plain Yogurt / Curd – 2 tbsp
Serves – 5 cups (1L) of Yogurt

Time – 8 to 12 hrs (to become Yogurt)


  • Take a heavy bottom vessel, boil the milk in the medium flame/heat up to 35 minutes. Cove the vessel with lid. There might be a difference between electric range and gas. So keep an eye on the milk and not let it overflow. Adjust the heat accordingly.
Making of Yogurt
  • Take it out, remove the lid and let it cool for 40 minutes. Depending up on the climate the cool down time may vary.
  • It’s best to be either at lukewarm (at cooler climate place) or completely cooled down (in tropical places).
  • Add 2 tbsp of curd and mix it well (Never add curd to the milk when it’s hot). Cover it with lid. Keep it in the warmer place for overnight (may take more than 12 hours in non-tropical places). (I keep it in the baking oven and switch on the oven light. DO NOT TURN ON THE OVEN). In tropical places, you can just let it sit on the countertop.
Making of Yogurt
  • After the curd is set, keep it in the refrigerator and you can use it up to a week. Refrigerated Yogurt will be even thicker.
  • For next time when you make the curd use the leftover curd (i.e. culture) for making the curd again.
Making of Yogurt


  • Never pour Milk into the leftover Yogurt/Curd. Do the other way around when making Yogurt/Curd the next time.
  • If needed you can use whole milk to make the curd. It will come out thicker.
  • If you are in the tropical climate the curd will be made soon. If you are in the non-tropical place (like North America) it may take little longer, so don’t panic.
  • Use Organic Milk to make it even better.
  • Add fruits to Yogurt and make flavored Yogurt. Possibilities are endless!

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