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Momos – a Northeast India/Tibet/Chinese speciality fast food that is very easy to prepare and fun to eat. Thanks to my Hubby’s cousin Krithiga for introducing me to this recipe!.




  • Maida/ All-purpose flour – 1 cup
  • Water – as needed
  • Salt – to taste
  • Oil – few drops

Preparing the Dough:

  • Take a bowl, add Maida, Salt and Water. Mix it well. Make a stiff dough. Apply few drops of oil and cover it with lid. Rest it for 20 minutes.

Momos Dough

  • Cabbage- 1/2 (thinly chopped)
  • Carrot – 1 big (thinly chopped)
  • Ginger – 1 inch piece (thinly chopped)
  • Garlic – 5 cloves (thinly chopped)
  • Green chilies – 2 nos (finely chopped)
  • Soya sauce – 1 tbsp
  • Pepper (ground) – 2 tsp / to taste
  • Salt – taste
  • Oil – 1 tbsp

Momos Filling Ingredients

Preparing the Filling:

  • Heat the oil in the Kadai. Add Garlic, Green Chilies and Ginger. Saute it until the raw smell is gone. Then, add the cabbage and carrot, mix it well and cook it in the medium-high flame. Keep eye on it and make sure not to burn in the bottom. Add Pepper and Salt and mix it well.

Making of Momos Filling

  • Add the Soya Sauce and mix it well. Cook it until no moisture is in the filling. Switch off the flame. Let it cool.

Preparing the Momos:

  • Take Maida Dough and kneed it well. Make small size balls. Roll it up to ~3.5 inch diameter. It should not too thin that it will tear off or too thick. Once cooked the texture should be like a glass where you can see the contents inside.
  • Take a 1 tbsp of filling and add it in the center and cover it into desired shapes.

Making of Momos

  • Grease the Idli plates with Oil and arrange the dumpling into the plates. Steam it upto 8 to 10 minutes. Switch off and let it cool for 2 min so you can open the container.

Making of Momos

  • Serve the Momos with hot sauce.


  • You can add lots of garlic up to your taste.
  • Momos has to be served and eaten while its hot to enjoy the taste and flavor. If it’s let to cool, it will become dry.

Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce


  • Tomato – 1 no (medium, ripe and red)
  • Garlic – 4 cloves
  • Red chili – 2 nos
  • Paprika – ¼ tsp
  • Water – 2 tbsp
  • Vinegar – 2 tsp / to taste
  • Sugar – 1 tsp
  • Salt – to taste
  • Oil (sesame) – 1 tbsp

Hot Sauce Ingredients

  • Take a blender, add the roughly chopped tomato, red chili, garlic and salt. Grind until coarse consistency using pulse option.

Hot Sauce Making

  • Heat the oil, add the ground paste, Sugar, Paprika and water. Mix it well. Bring it to boil until raw smell is gone. Finally add the Vinegar, mix it well and switch off the flame.

Hot Sauce Making

  • Serve it with Momos.
  • Note:
  • You can add lot of garlic up to your taste.

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