Sweet Boli

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Sweet Boli / Sweet Channa Dal Paratha

SERVING SIZE – 18 to 20 Boli

Boli Dough


  • Maida Flour – ¼ Kg
  • Kesary Powder – 1 tsp.
  • Gingely Oil- 100g
  • Ghee – 2 Spoons
  • Water – as needed


  • Take a bowl and add the Kesari Powder, Maida, Ghee, Oil (50g) and little water and knee it into dough. Add water along, but make sure not to make is watery. Make the dough into a loose consistency as in the picture below.  Once the dough is made, pour the remaining oil (50g) on top of it and let it soak for 4-5 hrs.

Boli Dough

Boli Poornam


  • Channa Dal – 200g
  • Medium Coconut – 1 (grate it finely)
  • Elachi Powder – 1 tsp.
  • Jaggery – 200g


  • Take a Kadai, heat it and dry roast the Channa dal until it becomes hot (make sure not to burn it).
  • Mix the roasted Channa dal into a bowl of water and let it soak for 2 hrs.
  • After 2 hrs, wash the Soaked Channa dal and half boil it. Once half boiled, drain the water and let the Channa dal cool.
  • Fine grind the Channa Dal in a mixie without adding water.

Ground Channa Dal

  • Take a Kadai, add the Jaggery. Add water so as the Jaggery is wet enough. Keep it low to medium heat and let the Jaggery melt. Once melted, take the jiggery out and filter it to remove the mud particles.
  • Add the filtered Jaggery back to the Kadai and let it heat. Once it reaches fluid consistency, keep the flame to low heat.


  • Add the ground Channa dal, grated coconut, Elachi Powder to the jiggery. Keep mixing it as you add these along. Once it mixed well, remove the Kadai from the flame, keep it aside and let it cool. This mix is called Poornam.

Making of Poornam

  • Once cooled, make small size balls from the poornam (as shown in the picture below).

Boli Poornam Balls
Preparing the Sweet Boli:

  • Take a banana leaf (or parchment paper). Take oil from the soaked dough and spread it on the banana leaf. Take a small sized ball from the dough and spread it on the banana leaf using hand by gently tapping.
  • Take one poornam ball and keep it in the center of the above spread dough and close it  as shown. Now, gently tap from the top and spread the mix using hand. Make sure not to make it too thin or too thick. It should also be spread evenly. This is called the Boli spread.
  • Take a Tawa (Dosa pan/stone – Do not use non-stick) and heat it in low flame. Take the above spread along with the banana leaf and tilt it upside down from the top of the pan and slowly remove the spread from the banana leaf on to the pan using a thin handle.
  • Add 1 tsp. of ghee to the edges of the Boli spread and cook it. Flip it to the other side and cook as well. Make sure not to burn it.

Making of Boli

  • Awesome tasty Boli is now ready.
  • Serve it hot with ghee topping (optional).
  • You can also serve it at room temperature. You can keep the Boli for 2 days and serve it. (Heat it in microwave/Tawa if needed).

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