Banana Nut Muffin

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Banana Muffin – A healthy recipe for a simple breakfast.

This recipe is for a 12 cup Muffin.

Banana Nut Muffin


  • All-Purpose Flour – 2 Cups
  • Baking Powder – 1/4 tsp
  • Ground Cinnamon – 1/4 tsp
  • Baking Soda – 3/4 tsp
  • Salt – 3/4 tsp
  • Sugar – 1.5 Cup
  • Vegetable Oil – 1/2 Cup
  • Vanilla Extract – 1 tsp
  • Ripe Bananas – 3 Nos (Peeled and Mashed)
  • Eggs – 2 Nos (For veggie Lovers, this is not needed)
  • Toasted Almonds/Walnut – 5-6 Nos Chopped

Banana Nut Muffin


  • Take a 12 cup Muffin Pan and line them with paper liners.
  • Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F.
  • Whisk the flour,salt,baking powder, baking soda and cinnamon in a medium bowl and blend it and set aside. This is the dry ingredient.
  • Beat the sugar, eggs, oil and vanilla extract in a large bowl to blend.
  • Add and stir in the banana.
  • Add the dry ingredients and stir just until blended. Do not be tempted to over mix the batter.
  • You can also use a electric mixer for the above steps.
  • Pour the prepared batter in the prepared muffin cups.
  • Bake the muffins on the middle rack until the tops are golden brown for 25 minutes.
  • You can insert a tooth pick/any object to poke the muffin and see that no crumbs are attached. This will help us identify if the muffin is well baked.
  • Transfer the muffins to a rack and cool slightly.
  • You can spread unsalted butter over the muffin to add some frostiness.
  • The muffins may be eaten warm or cooled.

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  1. Posted by Kalpana Reply

    Your blog is so nice. I wanted to try this banana nut muffin. Can we substitute vegetable oil in this? Also, please let me know if its necessary to add ground cinnamon. Will it make a difference.


    • Posted by Suvayo Suvai Reply

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, you can substitute melted butter instead of Vegetable oil. It will alter the taste a bit. Cinnamon adds flavor. If u don’t like the smell of Cinnamon, you can leave it out.

  2. Posted by Vijaya Alagappan Reply

    What do you do if self raising flour is not available?
    and can you send a simple recipe for making pancake without egg?

    • Posted by Suvayo Suvai Reply

      @Vijaya, If you don’t have a self raising flour, you can get a regular flour and add 3 tsp of baking powder to 1 cup of flour. I haven’t tried Pancake yet, will try to do one and post.

      • Posted by Vijaya Alagappan Reply

        Thanks for your kind response

  3. Posted by jeyashrisuresh Reply

    Oh wow madhu, u bake !! awesome muffins, my all time favorite.I have not yet started to bake.Looks very tempting.and made vatha kulambhu adding toor dhal.It tasted nice.
    Waiting for ur interesting posts

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