Red Lenthil Penne Pasta

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A protien rich Red Lenthil pasta recipe that is a good for kids and everyone.

Red Lenthil Penne Pasta

Ingredients (Batter):

  • Red Lenthil Penne pasta – 2 cups
  • Mix vegetable – ½ cup (I used French beans, carrot and peas)
  • Italian seasoning – 2tsp
  • Salt – if needed add to your taste
  • Marinara sauce – 2 cups/ as needed
Serves – 3 people

Preparation Time – 15 min


  • Cook the Red lenthil penne pasta in boiling water as per the instruction on the packaging (usually about 10-12 min). It has to be cooked, but still firm to bite. While cooking pasta, add the vegetables along in hot water. So both pasta and veggies will cook.
  • After cooking, drain the water.
Making of Red Lenthil Penne Pasta
  • Take a heavy bottom pan and add the Marinara sauce (see instructions on how to make it) and bring it into boil. Now add the cooked pasta and veggies.
  • Add the Italian seasoning and mix it well.
Making of Red Lenthil Penne Pasta
  • Serve the hot, tasty and yummy Red Lenthil Penne pasta.

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