Carrot Kheer

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A very yummy desert that would be at the height of Awesomeness!!. Perfect and healthy for Kids. Learnt it from my sister Priya.

Carrot Kheer



  • Carrots (L) – 5 nos
  • Whole milk – ½ gallon
  • Sugar – 1 cup + 1 tbsp / to taste
  • Cashew nuts – 8 to 10 nos
  • Cardamom powder – 2 pinches

Carrot Kheer Ingredients

Soak the cashews in water for 20 minutes.

Peel the skin of the carrots and cut into pieces. Cook the carrots in the pressure cooker for 4 whistles.

After it cools down grind the carrots, cashew nuts and sugar into a fine paste.

In Parallel, boil the milk in the heavy bottom pan. Once it comes into boil, reduce the flame and boil it until it becomes thick. (it needs to reduce down by 1” inch to the original volume)

Add the carrot paste into the boiling milk. Again boil up to 15 minutes and you can get the thick consistency. Finally add the 2 pinches of cardamom powder. And mix it well.

Serve it hot/ cold. Either ways, the taste would be AWESOMEEEEE!!…
Carrot Kheer Making


If you want more thickness, you can reduce the quantity of milk or let it boil for few more minutes .

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    hi madhu kalakara, Carrot kheer is superb. Pakkave super ah iruku india varum podhu pannikodu.

    With regards.
    Amma Appa.

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