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I am sure most of you (I do) have come across a ugly looking Aluminium vessel floating in your kitchen which is begging to be given a nice bath. No matter how hard we try keep it cleaning by washing it regularly, it’s inevitable to go south in the looks. For example, i have 2 vessel which is in deep red (see pic below).

Before Vess

I came across a nice trick which is godsend to clean the vessel with minimal effort. It works only for those that have a auto clean/self clean feature in their convection oven. All you have to do is put the vessel in the oven and press the auto clean button. Usually the auto clean can take anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on the oven. For 2 vessels i stopped the clean at 2 hours which ended up giving me a brand new vessel look. It was like magic when comparing the before and after look.

Note: I haven’t tried any other material  but Aluminium. Also do not put the vessel in oven if you have a plastic handle.

In Oven

Here is the after look.

After Cleaning

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