Grilled Vegetable Panini

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Grilled Vegetable Panini



  • Ciabatta bread – 1
  • Eggplant – few slices
  • Zucchini – few slices
  • Red Onion – few slices
  • Tomato – few slices
  • Pesto Sauce – 1 tbsp (for 1 slice)
  • Mozzarella cheese – few slices
  • Roasted bell pepper – few slices. (Pat them in the cooking tissue to remove the excess moisture)
  • Olive Oil – for cooking the veggies


  • Cut the veggies into round shape and grill it by brushing some oil on either side . Keep grilling it until it’s grilled on both side.  I have used hard Iron Skillet. Take it out and keep it aside.

Grilling Veggies

  • Cut the Ciabatta Bread in the center and cut them into half. IN One half apply Pesto sauce and arrange the Grilled Veggies, then roasted bell pepper and mozzarella cheese. Apply the Pesto sauce on the other half of the bread and cover it. Brush few drops of olive oil on the outer side of the Bread.

Preparing Panini
Preparing Panini

Preparing Panini

  • Place the Sandwich on the Panini Grill with the brushed oil side facing the top and bottom of the grill and close it. Grill the sandwich in high setting (refer to Device instructions) until it turns golden color and evenly cooked. Once Grilled, take it out onto a serving plate.

Preparing Panini

  • Serve it hot with soup.


  • You can use any veggies of your choice.
  • I used shredded Mozzarella cheese. But the sliced Mozzarella would be perfect.

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